Just What Does the “Jungle” Have to do With Supervising?

Becoming a new supervisor is much like entering the jungle, where the path is windy, the trees full of surprises, and wildlife is running about! Survival is key and supervisors need the essential skills to learn the ropes as a new leader. I refer to this new environment as the ‘corporate jungle’, which emerged from … Read more

Is This the Right Time for You to Become a Supervisor?

Are you ready to take the leap into a leadership role? Becoming a supervisor requires energy, focus and fortitude as you spread your wings for the flight.

Over the years I have coached many supervisors who were at various stages in their development — some were seasoned leaders, some new in the job, and some were aspiring to become supervisors. I always asked the aspiring leaders this question: “Is this the right time for you to take on the supervisory role?”

It is a question worth exploring, as some make the jump prematurely and struggle to land on solid ground. 

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