Just What Does the “Jungle” Have to do With Supervising?

Becoming a new supervisor is much like entering the jungle, where the path is windy, the trees full of surprises, and wildlife is running about! Survival is key and supervisors need the essential skills to learn the ropes as a new leader. I refer to this new environment as the ‘corporate jungle’, which emerged from my first experiences as a new supervisor. With little support from my managers, I had to resolve some very difficult situations including employee embezzlement, time theft, sabotage, abusive management and a workplace affair. That’s when I realized, it was a ‘jungle out there’ – and I needed to learn the ropes and how to deal with ‘wildlife situations’ in order to survive AND thrive in the corporate jungle!

Thus my journey to leadership began, and after years of studying supervisory development, I started my own business. Spanning 27 years I trained/coached over 7,000 supervisors in mastering the essentials of front-line leadership. I now share with you my lessons, tools and assessments in my guidebook collection called “The Supervisor’s Safari Guidebook Series”. Using a humorous approach to serious content, you will find them practical, timely and easy to read… 25 guidebooks covering 25 essential competencies for supervisors. 

I leave you with a quote inspired by Vince Lombardi, renowned coach of the Green Bay Packers. His profound teachings encouraged me throughout my career and helped lay the foundation for my work with supervisors.

In order to achieve excellence, one must first master the fundamentals.”

Author of The Supervisor’s Safari Guidebook Series


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